Small batch coffee featuring local history and gift-quality designs

Locally Roasted Coffee for Home Brewing

We work with a local, independent craft roaster who prepares our beans to order in small batches. Our roaster buys only high quality beans from around the world. He is a patient, demanding expert in the roasting process and would not sell to us if he did not know we were serving and selling his coffee fresh!

Great Coffee Locally Available at a Competitive Price

The mission of The Hogansville Coffee Company is to make available top quality, locally sourced coffee to the great people of Hogansville, Georgia. Even a small town can have access to great coffee, and it can be priced competitively for everyday drinking.

With our gift-quality packaging and attractive designs, we also aim to provide quality, attractive Hogansville-themed gifts for those occassions when a pound of good coffee is just the thing. From our used bookstore in Hogansville, GA, we sell Hogansville Coffee by the pound. We offer light, medium, and dark varieties, plus a Swiss Water Process decaf.

Station Coffeehouse

Yes, there are TWO coffee companies in Hogansville!

We love our neighbors at the only full-service coffee shop in Hogansville, Station Coffeehouse. It's in the historic train depot, only two doors down from our bookstore in downtown Hogansville. You will find us there often buying a mug of drip coffee, enjoying an Americano from their espresso maker, or enjoying a latte with one of those fancy designs in the foam. They are doing it right. They are the real deal. They are carrying some great beans, and you should support them too! Oh, and how cool is this? Station Coffeehouse is a non-profit, existing for the benefit of the local community.